Watching Humans Watching XIX, 2010

Inka & Niclas

(Source: excdus)

I can’t trust anyone anymore. Fuckin’ cool.

Fear Expanded by Ryan Everson and Jason Garcia

nataliekucken: diary photographs from 2012 that i think look good together

TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA (Japan) Rainbow Church

charlesjeffrey: Polaroid Study

Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.
— Charles Chaplin (via boyirl)

blancmagazine: Monochrome – SS15

It’s as if they were staring into the mirrored gloss of a lake’s surface, their eyes attempting to adjust to the majesty of it all. The visage of this alien world seemingly familiar but skewed and distorted by a simple metamorphosis of colour. Their feet skim, weightless, atop the venerated ground of this long forgotten world, as they prepare to begin a new adventure in this chapter of intergalactic exploration.

Monochrometransport us to alien territory for SS15, with a collection inspired by the future possibilities of space travel.

The range is a stunning amalgamation of technological sports-wear with stellar new wave prints and a vibrantly saturated colour palette. The combination of beautiful curved silhouettes, formed through the designers’ use of highly mathematical laser cutting techniques and complex geometric pocketing produces a feast for the mind and eye alike.

The collection also presents a heavy focus on symmetry within the construction of the garments, leading to the formation of beautifully crafted tailored pieces. In addition to this, the brand has graciously bestowed upon us a range of brilliantly innovative solar protective accessories, which have been layered with delicate transparent silks.   

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