Head of a Child, 2001 by Gottfried Helnwein

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My Way Home, 1978.

2013-04-25_1366870489 (by Dov neon)

Wim Delvoye carves beauty into the mundane 

At Galerie Perrotin Paris

Upon entering into the gallery, a set of five aluminium rimowa suitcases are present. though recognizable in form, delvoye has emblazoned their surfaces with imagery that range from his own, personal coat of arms, to miniature persian patterns. each hand embossed travelling case thus is transformed into bas-relief sculptures which speak of a globalized world.

Absurdly intricate details drawing from art and architecture movements of the past — most notably sacred gothic architecture, to 19th century sculptures — combined with subtle influences 

The belgian artist employs these themes and genres by reinterpreting and visualizing them through daily objects, deforming these motives that drive his work to recreae a genuine cabinet of curiosities of wunderkammer. galerie perrotin in paris.

1….6..rimowa classic flight multiwheel,  2013
aluminium repoussé
hand embossed aluminium
7.8..suppo (karmanyaka), 2012
9.10. double helix alternation current, 2009
bronze nickelé

My Old Sketchbook, Julia Petrova

Bartek Elsner is an award-winning, Berlin based, multidisciplinary designer with the focus on digital communication & interaction. Sometimes he goes wild with own projects.


Anders Krisár

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Stunning paintings by Nielly Francoise

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ph. Serena Becker

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