People, as you grow older…friends and family sure mean a lot and all, but they really aren’t even there most of the time. I’m pretty sure they hardly ever care or think of you until they do some stupid shit that reminds them of you or when you are face to face with them. It’s only then when they actually consider you.

untitled - Chrissie White

Bianca Luini :Where I See Fashion

There are those who search at length for inspiration, be it for a writing piece, sculpture, or fashion, but then there are artists who look no further than what is right in front of them, finding beauty in everyday objects, colours, and shapes. This week we are highlighting the wonderful blog WISP –– Where I See Fashion by Bianca Luini for her wonderful imagery and abstract view of clothing. The blog curator showcases clothing alongside art pieces with corresponding elements of colour, shape, and layout, with even a single image triggering the creative process for designers, which develops into a whole line of clothing or textile designs.

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The Edge Effect - Daniel Kukla

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Nada Personal, 2012

Wladymir Bernechea

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Henrik Sorensen

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The Poems, Boris Eldagsen

Louise Zhang (born 1991) is a Sydney-based artist whose work starts with the most basic unit of construction: the amorphous, inchoate ‘blob.’

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