Someone Named Desmend: Deus Ex Machina

I don’t know how to express my gratitude. In my mind, I neither deserve friendship or happiness for the sins I’ve made…yet, you looked passed them. I’m undergoing a sort of bittersweet happiness. It’s bitter for the fact that I feel like I’m ready to let go of my past and stop living in it. "I think God brought me here to help make you happy again." When you left, I cried. I’ll admit it. It was because no one ever noticed my sadness in my self-portraits…yet, with a glance, you understood me and stated that.

  You didn’t tell me any bullshit like “There’s no need to be sad.” Instead, you recognized a humanistic tendency in myself that I thought no one else would notice…and consoled me with your presence. I proudly shed those tears seeing as though they felt like they were promised sacrifices to the gods who, I thought, were ignoring me. You’ve already become so important within a short amount of time. I appreciate the person you are and I admire your unwavering soul. Thanks for not considering me weird like everyone else. Just…thank you, Desmend.

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